CPAC 2020, Pre-game

Super exciting news — the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) 2020 at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center starts today! As a preview I did a pretty much-exhaustive keyword search in YouTube to see what the impending issues and topics were going to be.

First, the CPAC website features the big 3 of American conservative politics — President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Matt Schlapp. I confess to not having heard of Matt before, but perhaps his most impressive achievement for me was that he got President Trump not just to attend CPAC 2019 but to talk for over two hours — good job!

But let’s not look at the past, let’s stay focused in the now, or at least recent history. Mitt Romney was dis-invited from CPAC this year due to his Shampeachment treachery. It’s easy to forget that the Democrats’ impeachment debacle was only a few weeks ago, but that will be one issue to watch at CPAC this year. How will conservatives and Republicans respond to Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler’s cobbled together and shameful political acts?

Second, my philosophical guru and life coach (/sarc) Alex Jones will be invading CPAC this year, and when he does, I hope he buttons the top button on his shirt. Seriously though, there is a long-term simmering divide between conservatives and Republicans which Bill Rusher talked about in his book, The Rise of the Right (1984). Today this takes the form of establishment “Never Trumpers” and the “Freedom Movement” with which Alex Jones identifies.

In addition to Alex Jones invading CPAC, a group of Republicans from the University of Maine will be joining him. And really, this is what CPAC seems to be about because it provides an opportunity for young people to meet and interact with the conservatives they see in the media. It also allows them to meed and share ideas with other young people and talk about new ideas. Chief among them is “creeping socialism” in America, as identified by Dan Schneider, the director of the American Conservative Union (ACU). That’s enough of a preview, so looking forward to it actually getting started!

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