CPAC, Day 2

Day  2 featured a few moments of unique insight that bear highlighting, though I’ll have to make this quick.

First, VP Mike Pence said that, “President Trump has no higher priority than the health, safety, and well-being of the American people.” I believe this is true not because VP Pence said it, or because I’m a conservative Republican, but because President Trump proves this every day. But more than that, conservatism correctly understood is all about acknowledging reality and complexity, while liberalism, progressivism, communism, and yes, socialism are all about rhetoric, politics, partisanship, and propaganda. Philosophically this is known as the “fact-value” distinction, but let’s have a concrete example to pin down the idea. Democrat-socialists, while criticizing Trump and Pence, simultaneously argue that borders should be left open which only increases the risk of infection and contagion through uncontrolled immigration that is a well-established disease vector. Of course Democrats criticize Trump and Pence and support open borders not because it’s logically consistent, scientifically supportable, or in the best interests of America but because it’s politically expedient and is in the best interests of the Democrat Party.

Second, Sara Carter of FOX News interviewed Rep. Doug Collins from Georgia about Spygate, the 0bama administration’s use of the Federal Government’s intelligence capabilities to influence political outcomes, including American political processes and the Trump campaign. While these stories are well known to those who have been paying attention to to the corruption of the previous administration, it was instructive to see how Ms. Carter and Mr. Collins presented and addressed the topic. It’s complex and there’s a lot to know, so I won’t critique them on the quality or thoroughness of the discussion but will instead applaud them for introducing this topic to a wider audience despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to hide, obfuscate, and diminish the issue.

Third, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA talked about the big problem of socialism on campus. Kirk is young so some of his observations may seem hyperbolic and lacking nuance, but has done the legwork of “visiting these campuses so you don’t have to,” so his insights derive from direct experience, which is important. The public for decades has realized this, but they thought, incorrect, that socialists are, “well meaning and kooky but essentially harmless.” Like Californians are quickly finding out, this is a personally convenient but dangerous view. Too many American universities have been transformed into incubators and engines of socialism, and Venezuela is only the most recent example of socialism’s consequences. I remember being on the Stanford campus with lots of proud parents and kids hoping that they’ll get in, but I was thinking, “They’ll go deep into debt to have their kids indoctrinated into socialism. Is that really what they want?” America got in introduction to Stanford socialism when they met Prof. Pamela Karlan during Pelosi’s sham impeachment proceedings and thought to themselves, “Who is this person.” She’s representative of the unelected Lawfare Deep State that fights President Trump from within the government, which is why this year’s CPAC theme of “America vs. Socialism” is so timely and appropriate.

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