CPAC, Day 3

I pulled out 3 highlights from CPAC Day 3 that provided insight into the conservative movement.

First, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked about his job and that the, “State Dept is winning for America again.” Think about this for a minute, and it is, in its own way, an amazing statement. “The State Department is winning for America again.” Does that mean that the State Department, under John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, was losing under America? Just a quick search on John Kerry reveals that his son, along with Hunter Biden, was involved with the corrupt company Burisma in the Ukraine, he’s been working with Iran on interests counter to America, and he admits that 0bama supported ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. In this context, Pompeo’s State Department, in contrast, puts America’s interests firsts, supporting the military engagement with America’s terrorist enemies, and support worldwide Christianity. It’s strange that these basic behaviors and formerly common-sense policies need to be stated at a conference apart from the conventional wisdom of the National Capitol Region.

Second, Tom Fitton From Judicial Watch spoke, and I have a lot of respect for his organization because they’re always fighting, often alone, against the Lawfare leftists who currently infect America’s government and educational institutions. He hit upon themes that have been discussed frequently by other CPAC speakers including the importance of strong borders and detail of the Democrats’ attempted coup on President Trump. What separates Fitton and Judicial Watch from most of the other conservative commentators is that Fitton actually goes to court to force Democrats do what they don’t want to do, reveal details of their perfidy and crimes. Fitton also talked about the DC Swamp third rail, sending corrupt Democrats to jail. Most conservatives talk, but Fitton does, which is appreciated.

Trump-supporting Diamond and Silk also trashed Bernie Sanders at CPAC, noting correctly that he can create no jobs because he’s never had a job. They also state, that America needs more free thinkers and fewer free loaders. This is a curious performance because is it high intellectualism? No, but it’s curious how much of the socialist palaver, say from talk show hosts or actors, is never subjected to rigorous critical analysis. At least what Diamond and Silk say is true! One of the phrases used at CPAC this year has been “social proof,” the idea that if everyone is doing it, like socialism, then you should do it too. This has always been a feature of communism, which historically has gone under the banner of “Commanding Heights,” the struggle for positions of high status, which demonstrate their being correct through position, which doesn’t necessarily square with actually being correct.

Finally, Dan Bongino Talks With Devin Nunes About Spygate, which I won’t go into because it’s been addressed elsewhere. However Nunes, like Fitton, deserves high praise because he’s been doing the hard work in Congress, which can’t have been pleasant nor easy. However, John Ratcliffe has been renominated to be the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), which is good news for two reasons: 1) Ratcliffe is outside of the traditional — which is to say, “corrupt” — Intelligence Community (IC) circles, so there may be some actual accountability as recommended by Fitton and Nunes, and 2) Ratcliffe has been nominated once before, so President Trump wouldn’t have nominated him again unless he had a plan for ensuring he will be confirmed.

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