CPAC, Day 4: President Trump

CPAC 2020, as some may have forgotten, occurred before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. At the beginning, Infowars did some good reporting before they got thrown out and noted that the obvious popularity of the event highlighted the obvious unpopularity of socialism, leftism, populism, and 0bama-ism. This was obviously a problem for Democrats, but luckily now with social distancing, events like CPAC and Trump Rallies are no longer possible, which is why CL calls it the CCP virus.

While aware that Donald Trump was the President of the United State (POTUS), CL had never spent much time analyzing his speaking style. Reviewing the best parts of Trump CPAC speech reveals something undeniable: he’s hilarious. Trump memorably makes fun of Mike Bloomberg as he has Warren, Biden, and Sanders, which drives Democrats to distraction. In fact, he’s so funny that it’s almost standup comedy, which is not said pejoratively. Stand up is incredibly hard, and the people who do it are both brave and intelligent, so no higher praise can be given.

However, besides being funny Trump is also inspiring, especially when he says clearly, directly, and unambiguously that America will never be a socialist country. While given the corruption of socialist places like Russia, China, and Venezuela may make this statement seem obvious, it is not obvious to the denizens of the DC Swamp, which needs to be drained because is a very different place than America. It is different because its incentives are not aligned with America, they are antithetical to America because, as DC gets rich, America gets poor because DC lives on taxes. Therefore, the DC Swamp is socialist due to individual incentives — as politicians, socialism is good for them even though it destroys the very people and political system it is supposed to help.

Trump talk about them wanting to take away your freedom, which at the time seemed abstract but freedom has been taken away from many Americans now — not just economic freedom but actual physical freedom including the right to peaceably assemble. Let’s be clear who “they” is, a loose coalition of Democrats, establishment Republicans, the mainstream media, and leftist activists. The question then becomes, what motivates this coalition? Part of it is that Trump threatens the wealth, power, and status of the whole DC Swamp, and that’s a big coalition of powerful people. It has been said that Republicans think Democrats are dim, while Democrats think Republicans are evil, and that is due to their talent and status asymmetry. Talented people are confident, so they can do lots of different thing. Untalented people, in contrast, are constantly frightened that they will be, “found out.” That explains the way the DC Swamp and all socialist systems operate: they are run by untalented people who have elbowed their way to the top and this is their one shot at success. Being fundamentally untalented, they can’t do anything else, which is why they fight so hard — it’s a long way down. This is a dynamic that needs to be understood and addressed, as President Trump says, to prevent America from becoming a socialist country.

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