Nostradamus Trump

The last post was on Trump speaking at CPAC, which was posted on leap year, 29 Feb 2020, based on some notes taken before the whole COVID-19 pandemic. There were some high points — Mike Bloomberg, Socialism, and the DC Swamp — but there’s one brief segment that bears some additional analysis. After Trump makes his Bloomberg comment to big laughs, he pauses for a very long time, which is just masterful. A standup comic would say, “he’s killing it.” After that though, Trump talks about the American left, which is to say Democrats, and here’s what he says:

Far left radicals have become increasingly desperate and increasingly dangerous in their quest to transform America into a country you would not recognize. A country in which they control every aspect of American life. Just as socialist and communist movements have done all over the world. They’re cracking down on all dissent and demanding absolute conformity. They want total control. They want to: 1) massively raise your taxes, 2) bury you in regulation, 3) take over American healthcare, 4) indoctrinate our children from kindergarten to college — and you see that happening! Kids are coming home saying, “What’s going on here dad?” Kids get it! — 5) impose a fanatical code of political correctness, 6) bombard our citizens with fake news propaganda, and 7) implement policies that would very quickly turn America into a large-scale Venezuela.

They want to take away your money, take away your choice, take away your speech, take away your guns, take away your religion, take away your history, take away your future, and take away, ultimately, your freedom — but we will never let them do that.

Consider Trump said this less than 3 months ago, look at all the changes that have taken place in America since the COVID virus crisis — which should really be called the CCP virus crisis — and think about how Democrat governors have reacted. There’s a whole thesis that could be written on this, but as a simple exercise, consider all the well-known Democrat states and look at how they’ve implemented the types of types of controls that only a few months ago seemed completely impossible in America. Most notably, Democrats have shut down small businesses where people earn their livings, which was only supposed to be for a short time but has been extended. Moreover, dissent has been essentially banned. Whenever progressivism, socialism, or communism is criticized, then leftists immediately call their critics Nazis. Finally, there has been almost a worship of the healthcare profession, which is fine, but this can quickly edge into the Nanny state and and socialized medicine of the British National Health Service (NHS). The list could continue, but isn’t it kind of coincidence that these once-in-a-lifetime societal changes happen mere months before the far-left radicats would have lost another election? As a wise internet analyst observed, “There are trillions at stake.”


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